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How to Play Aim-n-Aider Pool

Aim-n-Aider Online Pool GameIn Aim n Aider Pool, your goal is to sink the balls as fast as possible to rack up a high score. There are 9-15 balls in each rack in different patterns, sometimes with obstacles on the table. The bonus ball, indicated by a colored circle, will net bonus points upon sinking. Sinking more than one ball will also give a bonus.

Aim-n-Aider Online Pool Game Use the pinpoint navigation system by moving around the table with your cursor, or by using the navigation arrows at the bottom of the screen to aim the cue stick. Then pull by the power indicator on the left of the screen to the desired force and release to make the shot.
Aim-n-Aider Online Pool Game Use the camera icon on the right of the screen to toggle your view between a bird’s eye-overhead angle and a table-level realistic type view.
Aim-n-Aider Online Pool Game Special highlighted pool balls, called bonus balls, are worth more points when sunk within the time they are highlighted on the table. These bonuses are timed. The highlighted color will change from green to yellow and then from yellow to red as the time expires for the chance to receive extra points. Once the time has expired for a bonus ball, it then becomes worth the regular point value. A new bonus highlight will appear on another ball on the playfield randomly later during the game.